Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Doritos vs. NARAL

Gary Bauer nails it when he calls out the NARAL for their anti-science, anti-common sense view on babies in the womb:

The radical pro-abortion group NARAL is, once again, doing its best to prove that the left denies the basic science of biology. Doritos aired an amusing Super Bowl ad showing a husband eating the famous nacho chips during his wife's ultrasound. 

Frustrated with her husband's inattentiveness, she has the expected reaction. But when her husband starts waving a chip around, the baby in utero starts following it. She wants one! Watch the ad here.  

That was too much for NARAL, which tweeted its condemnation of Doritos for "using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses."  

What exactly does NARAL think a fetus is? Fetus is Latin for "bearing young," "offspring" or "young while still in the womb," all of which means human unborn baby. 

NARAL's reaction speaks volumes. The only way it can justify abortion is by first dehumanizing the unborn child in the womb. Once that is accomplished, destroying a blob of tissue is a lot easier. 

The debate is over for when life begins--it begins at conception. This battle rages on because that argument still gets some traction with those who have not thought much about this issue yet. The reaction of the NARAL shows just how out of touch with reality this organization is. 

I wish the NARAL would consider the "choice" of the baby boy or girl in the womb. I believe they would choose life every time.