Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Prayer Guide for our Gathering

Sunday we'll begin a new journey as a church family. We'll actively seek God in making disciples who make disciples through extended families are mission with God. This is the basic prayer guide I'm following as I plan for this.

Vision: To start a disciple-making movement of extended families on mission together. (Think 3-legged stool/table and UP-IN-OUT Triangle) (10 min)

Step 1: Begin praying for our next step in implementing the vision by praying these four questions:

  1. Who is God? (<10 aloud="" answers="" ll="" min="" our="" pray="" question="" span="" this="" to="" together.="" we="">
  2. What has He done for us? (<10 aloud="" answers="" ll="" min="" our="" pray="" span="" together.="" we="">
  3. What is our identity (who are we) as a result of who God is and what he’s done? (<10 aloud.="" answers="" ll="" min="" our="" pray="" span="" we="">
  4. What do we “get to do” because of everything we’ve just heard/prayed? (5 min) We'll pray silently and possibly write down specific answers to this question.
  5. We share aloud together how God answered #4. We'll list these on the whiteboard. (20 min)

Next time, we'll spend more time here, reporting everything! We'll share wins, losses, epiphanies, new thoughts, successes and failures so far in this process.

Step 2: As answers to our prayers come in, we'll immediately begin putting them into practice. In the meantime (and as answers continue to come in), we'll continue to meet and pray through the above 4 questions. 

Our hope is that as extended families on mission begin to form and meet that they will take this same posture on how they are to proceed as well.

We are also asking people to hit their knees prayer each day wherever they are at 7:14 am each day to consecrate themselves (publicly if there). This is in light of our praying 2 Chronicles 7:14 for the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. A sermon will precede this where we'll preach through this passage so we better understand what was meant by this verse.