Thursday, October 08, 2015

An Emerging Pattern

Just say the words "Planned Parenthood" or "abortion" and most people have a visceral reaction no matter which side of this debate you're on. Passions run high on this issue. Which is why I always hesitate to write or share anything about it online. 

Sometimes, I am a coward.

I believe courage is doing the right thing, motivated by love, even when you are afraid. 

So this is me trying to live courageously on this issue.

I don't think we realize how young ladies get find themselves in a Planned Parenthood clinic. According to Kristan Hawkins, there is a common pattern emerging. I quote it here to inform you.

Planned Parenthood’s create-a-customer business model is vicious, and it’s trapping our generation into their money-making scheme. Here’s how they do it: STEP #1: First, they go to our middle and high schools and offer to teach sex education classes. In those classes, they tell the young girl that abstinence is impossible and to come to Planned Parenthood for help that won’t require going to her parents. STEP #2: Then Planned Parenthood prescribes her birth control that they know is carcinogenic and won’t prevent sexually-transmitted diseases. After she gets her heart broken, she will come back for a STD or HIV test, perhaps STD treatment, and more birth control. This cycle will start again with every new partner she has. STEP #3: Finally, when the birth control fails, she will return to Planned Parenthood, whom she has visited for years, for a positive pregnancy test and they will sell her an abortion.

While I have trouble understanding how a women's right to choose is more important than a baby's choice to live, I truly believe that some of those who defend abortion themselves truly believe they are pursuing a noble cause. I'm not against people here. I'm for people! 

What I'm against are bad ideas. I'm against taking innocent life. And since I believe that abortion is taking an innocent life, I cannot in good conscience continue to stay silent on this issue. 

So my aim going forward is to courageously (doing the right thing, motivated by love, even when you're afraid) speak out against this bad idea. It's bad for the child. It's bad for the woman carrying the child. It's much worse than having the child and giving the child up for adoption would be. 

I am praying for, giving to, and serving those who find themselves in a situation where carrying a child to birth is a great burden. I am also praying that more will put their baby ahead of their inconvenience when deciding on this issue. 

What is God saying to you?
What are you going to do about it?

Add your name to the "Don't Fund Planned Parenthood" bus http://buff.ly/1L29bqK