Monday, August 31, 2015

This is a Treasure...a Member of the Family

I just finished reading this beautifully created book. Part children's-Bible--part adult summary of the Bible.

One of the biggest challenges of the Bible is that, because of it's length, it's hard to capture it's overarching story. It's more likely that one gets the smaller stories and misses the meta-narrative. DeYoung takes great pains to make the overarching story apparent. He succeeds too.

So he writes this children's Bible/story with kids in mind (amazing illustrations!!!) while, at the same time, not dumbing or watering down the major themes in the Bible--themes that capture the essence of the Story. This is why adults can read this book over and over to their kids and themselves grow from it. It truly can become a "member" of the family.

I encourage you to buy one to read to your children and later grandchildren. If you're a grandparent, also buy one for each of your kids to read to theirs. This is a book to pass down generation after generation.

But don't get ahead of yourself. Trying to preserve it and not tear the dust jacket misses the point--just use it. The real value is in the time spent reading this story together!

This is a treasure. Thank you Kevin DeYoung!

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The un-disclaimer.

I was NOT given this book to read and write a review of. I bought the book, read it and was so impressed that I chose to write this review. I'm glad I did!