Monday, June 15, 2015

The Gospel and Poverty: Live Simply and Generously

To live counter culturally is to live and proclaim the gospel with conviction, compassion and courage. This is challenged greatly when we consider the impoverished people of our world.

We were all challenged, sobered and, hopefully, moved with compassion by the numbers we heard Sunday (at Grace Christian Fellowship):

7.3 billion people on the planet

2.6 billion live on < $2/day
1 billion live on < $1/day

In contrast...

The average American lives on >$90/day

1,700 children die/day from water borne illness (lack of clean drinking water)
20,000 children die/day from lack of food

These numbers should awaken us to the reality that lies beyond our borders. We aren’t faced with this normally so it’s easy to not see it as real. It is. 

In 1 Timothy 6, Paul challenges “The rich”  (that would be most Americans) to “godliness and contentment” because these are “great gain.” Paul further challenged his hearers to share, give and give sacrificially. 

Our Savior lived this way no matter what standard you use. And he gave his life this way too. If we say we follow Jesus, should we do no less?

The sobering reality is that we’ll have the poor with us until Jesus comes back and makes everything right. In the meantime, God calls us to live simply and generously. This leads to great contentment.