Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Is Family Essential to Church?

As I read articles about the (apparent) decline of Christianity in America, I keep coming back to our strategy as the Church. When I hear speakers talk about public education versus home-schooling, I come back to what it is the Church is to be about. And I keep coming back to the same place. 

The family is the number one way to make disciples who make disciples. Disciples make disciples who critique, challenge, create and change culture—our world. 

That’s what happened in the first century. Culture was transformed by the Gospel working through the Church (Scattering and gathering disciple-makers).

Where did these early Christians learn what the preferred culture looked like? 
Where did these early Christians learn how to live as Jesus Christ did?
Where did these early Christians see others incarnating the Gospel each day?

At home. As part of a family. A family that was or was part of a local church. A local family of families on mission together.

In some cases, their family wasn’t even blood-related. They were adopted. They were welcomed in. They did life right along with the rest of the family born into that family. This was their clan, their tribe, their household...their "oikos." (Greek for "household")

Even this is a picture of the Gospel. Note the family language.

"Born again"

So what should our strategy as the Church be?

Making disciples…starting at home. Then reaching beyond our property lines to those who live, work and play near us. Teaching our children to take responsibility for every man, woman and child in our personal and family circles of influence (COI). Equipping our children to live life this way intentionally. Not as an add-on. As the way to true life. 

Imagine if every parent led their family to live this way. 

It would transform our city…our nation. Our world.

What is God saying to you today?

What are you going to do about it?