Monday, May 18, 2015


Creation. Fall. Redemption. Restoration. This is His story. History. HiStory. This is no coincidence.

We each have a story to share. It's a part of God's story. His story always includes these four elements (Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration). Our story can too. We are created in his image. We are born into a fallen world. We have the opportunity to respond to Christ in faith. This leads to redemption. Then we get to be a part of restoring all things. 

Our story includes brokenness, pain and suffering. These are the result of the fall. They are the result of our sin or the sin of others. God is restoring all things and that includes us. We will be remade. We can be recreated and restored if we trust and follow Jesus. 

Our story is to be told. We share our story to show others how it connects to God's story--and to show them that their story connects to his as well. We listen to their story so that we see where and how God is at work. We can then answer the question, "How is the Gospel good news to this person?" This is usually the flip side to the pain and suffering they've experienced or are experiencing.

So we need to know His story.
We need to know our story.
We need to know how our story fits into his--where he's restoring us.
We get to listen to the stories of others.
We get to share our story with others.
We show them how their story intersects with God's story. 
We lead them to enter in to his story forever. 

It's our story. His story. It's hiStory. 

Creation. Fall. Redemption. Restoration.

Show and tell it today.

What is God saying to you today?

What are you going to do about it?