Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flying Christian Flag Over American Flag

National Day of Prayer, Faith Assembly, May 7, 2015 by Barney Barnes

Part 1.

During the time of prayer I was impressed to move up to the front where the Christian Flag and American Flag were positioned. As I approached the flags I was impressed to drop a knee in front of the Christian flag. As I knelt there I was reminded of the founding of our nation…of our birthing and of the centrality of Christ in the hearts of Pilgrims…of banners hung on buildings in Charleston in 1775 proclaiming “No King But Jesus”…of the ebb and flow of righteousness…of great wars at home and on distant shores…of Azusa Street…of depression and of reconciliation…of our emergence as The Great Power…and of our present turmoil and distress. All of this…and I reached out to hold the flag with both hands and realized more clearly the Kingdom that it represented…”No King But Jesus”.

Then I was impressed to move and stand before the American flag…in silence. I was reminded of the many things that it represented…that it had stood for thru our history…of those who taken an oath, like myself, to defend it against all enemies with our life. I saw the 50 stars and began to weep because of division and strife. Then I was reminded of what happens at sea on US Naval vessels…on the ship’s mast, during divine services, the American flag is lowered and the Christian flag is raised to fly above the American flag. This procedure dates back to the founding of our navy. This is announced on the ship’s speaker system that “divine services are now being held”…this is not insignificant!

I came to realize that patriotism is a very good and necessary passion to be resident in the hearts of men but that this is so very limited if Christ does not occupy the highest point on the mast of our heart. We drop a knee before the King…We take a stand for our liberty!

Afterwards I saw a great reservoir of water…and then I saw what it was to become…it was a vast parched earth with great cracks…totally void of life…much like the images of parts of California today. I understood that this was a reservoir of righteousness and looked again to see that it still held water but was at a dangerously low level. I then saw that it was leaking from a hole that no man could repair…only the hand of the Lord could stop this catastrophe from happening. I was reminded of Jeremiah 18 and the potter’s house.

Barney Barnes

What is God saying to you?

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