Monday, March 02, 2015

Why Train Tracks?

Why the picture of railroad tracks for the blog? 
Good question, actually. 

Of all the pictures I could have selected, this one captures what I want to accomplish here.

When I see the railroad tracks, here's some of what I see.

I see direction. It is clear that these tracks lead somewhere. My life is heading somewhere. The question is am I going where I choose to go, where I'm being led, or randomly without really thinking about it?

I see purpose. Purposeful as seen in the tracks being laid out thoughtfully. They are straight indicating that this is an efficient and direct route. The exist not for themselves but for the train. The train gets all the glory. People love the train. Kids gawk at the giant engine. No one notices the tracks. Timber and steel repeated numbingly for miles and miles. Taken for granted, they provide the purposeful pathway for the train to run along. If they fail, the train does too. They are essential for the train to fulfill it's purpose.

I see mission. I see a rail for leading myself well as I follow Christ my LORD. I see another rail as leading others to do the same. That's my life mission. Follow Christ and lead others to do the same.

I see movement. There is a time to be still. Trains sit in the station as they refuel, pick up passengers and prepare to move again. But, the train isn't doing what it's designed to do until it is moving. At the end of the day, my life needs to be moving forward. Moving in step with God.

I see tension. Tension between the two rails. Like two sides of the same coin. Justice and mercy. Grace and truth. Covenant and kingdom. God's work and my work. Tension is good. Manage the tension.

I see a journey. We are all traveling somewhere. We are the sum of our decisions and actions. Contrary to what the good conductor on the Polar Express says, it DOES matter where the train is going. Just having the faith to get on the train is not enough. You need to get on the right train. The one headed where you want to go.

Where are you headed right now? Are you even thinking about it? Is it where you want to end up? Do you even know where you want to end up? If so, are the tracks you're on taking you there? If not, what are you going to do about it?

My hope is that the thoughts I share as a result of my daily journey through God's word will encourage, comfort and strengthen you in your life journey. If can help beyond that, just message me.