Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I Get to Do

There is a pattern in Scripture that will serve us well. It's the pattern of answering these four questions of any passage of Scripture:

1. Who is God?
2. What has he done?
3. Who are we?
4. What do we get to do?

Let's apply it to this passage.

1. Who is God according to this passage?

God is our creator. (32)
God is LORD. (34-35)
The LORD is God of heaven and earth. (39)

2. What has he done?

There's a lot here on that.

He created all things and creatures.
He spoke to us revealing himself to us.
He delivered Israel from Egypt birthing them as a new nation.
He performed many miracles.
He taught Israel.
He loved Israel.
He blessed them too.
He gave Israel the promised land.

3. Who are we?

To clarify who "we" are, I am referring to God's people. By that I mean those who know, love and follow the LORD God. That is Christians, at least.

Based on this passage, we are...

God's creation. (all people are this)
Those who've "heard" from him. (whether through creation or Scripture)
People freed from slavery. (sin, death)
Servants of God. (God is our master, LORD)
People of God. (we owe him everything so we gladly become citizens of his kingdom)

4. What do I get to do?

Based on who I am in God, I get to:

Live as his created people.
Have a relationship with my Creator who revealed himself to me.
Be free from sin and death, shame and guilt.
Gladly serve the LORD.
Live and have a relationship with my rescuer.
Remember that he's the LORD God of heaven and earth.
Obey his good and wise commands.
Raise healthy, wise families under his rule leadership.
Enjoy long life.

What is God saying to you today?

What are you going to do about it?