Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pray for Israel, Iran and America

I'm sharing this email so that you will join me in praying for these nations in such a time as this. Darien

SPECIAL NOTE: My (Gary) wife, Carol, prepares a prayer alert about once a month. This month, she concentrated on Israel and issues in the Middle East. For those looking for ways to pray, I hope you find some encouragement from Carol's message. Please feel free to share her thoughts with your friends and fellow worshippers. -- Gary Bauer

Pray For Israel

The Israeli election is now history and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scored a surprisingly strong victory. Seventy-two percent of eligible voters cast ballots. Despite the efforts of the Obama Administration in both word and deed, Netanyahu now holds a stronger governing hand than before the election.

President Obama cannot be pleased with the outcome since it is clear how much he personally dislikes Netanyahu. Since the election, reports have surfaced that the administration may punish Israel and its democratically elected government by failing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Israeli people in various international organizations, chief among them the United Nations. This is truly shocking and an example of the president's petulant behavior.

Over the next few days the Iranian nuclear talks will end with the framework for a deal either in place or not. Note: This deal requires us to take the word of the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism.

In the coming weeks, Congress will decide on its role in this fluid situation. Both the Senate and the House will have a role to play. The Senate will consider legislation allowing Congress to weigh in on the specific terms of any deal.

Will the Senate exercise its constitutional responsibility as outlined for it by our founders? Or will the Senate allow itself to be bullied into submission by a president, a trained constitutional lawyer no less, whose desire to burnish his personal legacy seems to trump even his responsibilities as commander-in-chief?

Last week over 360 members of the House, Republicans and Democrats in a veto proof show of solidarity, sent a letter to the president stating that Congress, not the president's negotiating team, will decide whether economic sanctions on Iran are relaxed. Will the House move beyond the text of a letter to actual legislation?

A crossroads lies ahead for the Congress. Will the House and Senate abdicate their responsibility to the American people? Or will they act like a co-equal branch of government as enshrined in the Constitution? The days ahead are fraught with thorny issues for those elected to serve in public life.

Please pray for your members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Ask God to open their eyes to the enormity of the decisions that lie ahead. The votes cast over the coming weeks will not only impact these critical nuclear talks with Iran but will define the role and power of the Congress in its relation to the executive branch of government for years to come.

Pray that they will seek a time of solitude and prayer away from day to day partisan sniping as they seek the Lord's guidance in implementing the oath of office each has been administered. Ask God to impress upon them the long-term consequences of their votes.

Finally, pray that each man and woman serving in Congress would make an individual decision based on facts, historical perspective and the impact of their actions on the children and grandchildren who will inherit a country defined by their choices. Pray that our elected legislators would take a very public stand with Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.