Friday, November 14, 2014

18 Words for 18 Years

I recently wrote these for my young friend, Noah. I'm hoping they might encourage someone else too.


Here are 18 words (of wisdom is debatable but here goes) for your 18th birthday:

In on particular order...

1. Be thankful in all things.
2. Smile. You have a great one!
3. Keep asking great questions.
4. "Keep your eyes on the clouds and the crowds." -Greg Stier
5. Be refreshing.
6. Eat well. (Physically and spiritually)
7. Exercise regularly. (Physically and spiritually)
8. Be creative.
9. Play often.
10. Read, read, read.
11. Take walks and pray aloud.
12. Run, Forest, Run!
13. Be fully alive.
14. Word.
15. We're better together.
16. Family matters.
17. Don't be afraid. God is with you.
18. Jesus is Lord.

Happy Birthday, Noah!