Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Take My Sin Too Lightly

I think we take sin too lightly. I know I do.

Think about Adam and Eve

What did they do? They disobeyed their daddy (Ok, so he WAS God too). What was the consequence? What was the cost? Eternal separation from God for the rest of us. Suffering, violence, shame and death entered our perfect world. Sin entered the world.

Think about Achan in the days of Joshua. He disobeyed The Lord. The consequences were the loss of 36 men (fathers, husbands, sons and brothers). He paid for it with his life and his family's life.

I bet they underestimated the consequences. I know I still do. If that's all it took to cause the world to fall, what's my sin doing?

When I'm tempted to sin, Lord, help me remember that I routinely underestimate the consequences. And those consequences can ripple through generations. Thank you for your mercy.