Friday, February 14, 2014

Get it Together - #bookreview of "Torn"

"When every why goes unanswered."

Jud Wilhite writes a book that speaks to you when you just feel wounded. Hurt. Torn.

When you're tempted to ask "Why?" he guides to you better questions and answers. 

Topics he deals with include:

  • Trusting God
  • Expectations
  • Life Interruptions
  • Courage
  • Struggling
  • Waiting for God
  • Joy
  • Learning to forgive

The "learning to forgive" chapter was worth the whole book alone. Jud empathizes with the agony of forgiving someone you know doesn't deserve it. But then you realize that if you don't forgive them, you're the one who will pay. 

In a day when everyone seems to want to sell curriculum with their book, Jud provides group discussion questions in the back--for free. Score!

Kudos to Jud for his helpful message of hope and second chances. His pastor's heart is all over this book.

This book will encourage you to get it together when you feel like life is falling apart.