Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bye Week Blues (song)

Ok, so my fantasy football league manager wrote a little diddy...and it goes something like this...

An aging blues singer sits down on a stool and picks up a weathered guitar. He strums a few chords, Then in a gravely voice begins to sing "The Bye Week Blues"-- 

Week eight is here, think I could die, 
All my good players now have a bye. 
Got no wide receivers, no running backs, 
No passing game, no rushing attack. 
All them empty spots make a man feel low, 
It’s off to the waiver wire I go. 


I got them bye week blues… 
From the rejects I must chose… 
I just know I’m gonna lose… 
Bye week blues..ohh yeah. 

Wrote that song setting my lineup today. Sigh. 

Nicely done, Steve Hucks.