Monday, September 30, 2013

"Prayer on the Stairs"

I've been reading through Andy Stanley's book Deep and Wide and learned a great way to bring together busy families around God effectively. Andy calls it "Prayer on the Stair."

How it works is simple. At some point each night, Andy calls all the family together and they meet on the stairs. Some are hanging over the bannister, some sitting on the steps. Doesn't matter how--but everyone's there. 

What do they do? They touch base on each other and pray. No devotional material. No planned Bible reading. They simple schedule into the rhythm of their lives a time to stop and pray all together. 

Would more be better? Perhaps. But over the years this time has become so sacred that their kids don't let it go by. When the parents drop the ball, the kids call for prayer on the stair. Perhaps they are striking a chord.

Whatever you do, start. It's easier to redirect something that's already moving. 

Making disciples...together.