Thursday, September 05, 2013

3-2-1: Prayer-Care-Share (Mission)

updated 10.29.13, 11.18.14

Last week we introduced this memorable target to our church for personal disciple-making:

3-2-1: Prayer-Care-Share

3: Prayer. Pray for 3 people that are far from God but close to 
me. Be specific. Not-yet-believers in particular. They can be close relationally, geographically or, best, both.

2: Care. Compassionately serve people in 2 places as a demonstration of the Gospel.  (Ex. 1 - Inside the church; 2 - Outside the church)

1: Share. Share 1 priority. Follow me as I follow Jesus. It's our 
mission, after all. It's the essence of disciple-making. Sharing the Gospel verbally.

I encourage you to think of yourself as a lighthouse in your school, neighborhood and/or job. Shine there by praying for 3 people, caring in 2 places and sharing 1 priority each week. 

Integrate this into your Home Group experience as you encourage each other to live out this rhythm.

Now...pass it on!

*Note: The Prayer-Care-Share strategy comes from the LighthouseMovement.com and the 3-2-1 comes from the teachings of Neal McGlohon of the Cypress Project and Cypress Network. I have also read of this in GCM Collective training materials.