Monday, August 26, 2013

What's Your Personal Temperament?

I was talking with a friend and he called himself a melancholy. I'd heard the term before but never really given it much thought. I don't usually hear it in casual conversation. So it got my attention. So asked him about it and he told me about the four temperaments and a quick explanation about each one. I found it interesting and wanted to find out what I was. 

He sent me a link and I took the free forty-question temperament test to learn that I was sanguine-choleric. Then I had to Google what that meant. I've included my quick research below for your reading pleasure. After reading the descriptions, I had to agree with the test results. 


There are pros and cons with each of these. Sin can do harm through your personality. The Holy Spirit can redeem your temperaments. Take a few minutes, take the test and then read over the four. It will help you be more self-aware. 

My hope personally is that I will be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses inherent in my personality temperaments. I also hope to be more sympathetic to others who struggle within theirs as they relate to me.

By the way, the four temperaments are sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholy. Gary Smalley has coined more descriptive terms:

"Gary Smalley has renamed these classifications into a more modern and relatable format based on commonly known animals. These he lists as the "otters" (sanguines), "lions" (cholerics), "golden retrievers" (phlegmatics), and "beavers" (melancholics).[13]"