Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Read...Books?

You all know that I love to read. I want to do whatever I can to encourage you to read more and more.

Our guest blogger today is Pastor Mike Seaver. He shared this with a handful of pastors in our area. I thought it was extremely valuable and well-written. I hated to see it limited to just us. So here it is! Darien

Hey guys,

I know this may sound random, but I wanted to tell you about a book I’ve been reading.  It is called Lit! by Tony Reinke.  It is actually a book about how to read books.  Sounds boring, right?  Well, it was given to me about 2 years ago and has been on my shelf for that long…but then I saw it the other day and started thumbing through it.  I found that it is excellent.  It is well written and gives a ton of helpful thoughts about how and why we read.

For instance, there will be 28 million books available in English over our lifetime, but we will only have time to read 2600 (if you read a book per week for the next 50 years)…so how do you choose saying “yes” to one book an “no” to a million other books.  This was helpful for me to ponder and to think about what I need to read and not read (as a pastor, husband, father, etc.)

Here are a few of the chapters I found helpful:

· Chapter 3: Reading Is Believing—Savoring Books in an Eye-Candy Culture
· Chapter 5: The Giver’s Voice—Seven Benefits of Reading Non-Christian Books
· Chapter 6: The God Who Slays Dragons—The Purifying Power of Christian Imagination
· Chapter 7: Read with Resolve—Six Priorities that Decide What Books I Read (and Don’t Read)
· Chapter 8: How to Read a Book—20 Tips and Tricks for reading Nonfiction Books
· Chapter 10: Too Busy to Read—Six Ways to Find (and Protect) the Time Your Need to Read Books
· Chapter 11: Driven to Distraction—How Internet Habits Cripple Book Reading
· Chapter 14:  Raising Reader—How Parents and Pastors Can Ignite in Others a Love for Book Reading

Okay, so if you read through these chapter headings and they look lame, don’t get the book…but if they stir you like they did me, it is worth your time!


PS I got this info from Shawn Maze, also a pastor, on how he selects books to read:

"As an aside, currently as a way to determine which books to choose, I have a couple resources:
1. The Well-Educated Mind...  for various literature
2. http://bestcommentaries.com... for the best commentaries

Thanks again for the recommendation.

+ Shawn

P.S. I'm a book nerd and have all my books labeled with Library of Congress numbers and digitally catalogued using Delicious Monster.
If you want help organizing those 2600 books and keeping track of what you let someone "borrow", I can help. :)"