Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Uncertain Future

We have an uncertain future regarding our meeting location.

As I think about where we might be meeting as a church in 7 months, I admit I feel some anxiety. I do. I like where we're meeting. I like not having to setup and tear-down every Sunday. I do. 

Part of my anxiety is the fear that we'll end up somewhere less than awesome. Part of my anxiety is that we'll go back to only having a facility one day a week. Part of it is that everyone will get discouraged and leave. It's not a comforting feeling not knowing where we're going. Left to my imaginations, I can drive myself zany!

So here's what I'm asking myself these days: Why am I doing this? Why did I leave my cushy engineering job and go into church ministry? I did it because I wanted to make a real difference in my lifetime. And I've concluded that there is no more profound way to do that than to join Jesus in his mission to make disciples of all nations through the local church. 

As I consider both the uncertain future at Grace and my personal mission (and our mission at Grace), I realize that God can accomplish this mission in many ways. He can do it with a building that we own. He can do it in a strip mall. He can do it through House Churches. He can do it in an apartment clubhouse that we rent.

So I've concluded that while our vision/mission for Grace of leading every man, woman and child to actively make disciples of all nations won't change, our plans and strategies about how to do that can and will change. And often they will change in uncertain times. 

So, I'm praying that during these uncertain times, God will help us change plans as needed so that we'll grow more effective in making disciples of all nations…together.