Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What to Read, What to Read...

James Emery White posted a couple of great posts on great books for Christ-followers to read. (He does this each year and challenges me to be a better, more prolific reader. Thanks Jim) You can find his terrific blog at Church and Culture.

Here is a compilation of his recent lists from him and others who submitted their recommendations (in no particular order):

Note: I've bolded ones that I really enjoyed

Friesen, Gary. Decision Making and the Will of God
Lewis, C.S.  Mere Christianity
MacDonald, Gordon.  Ordering Your Private World
Packer, J.I.  Knowing God
Stott, John R.W.  Basic Christianity
ten Boom, Corrie.  The Hiding Place
Warren, Rick. The Purpose-Driven Life
White, James Emery. Serious Times
Yancey, Philip.  What’s So Amazing About Grace?
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. The Cost of Discipleship
Chan, Francis. Crazy Love
Colson, Charles. Loving God
Fee, Gordon D. and Douglas Stuart. How To Read the Bible for All It's Worth
Foster, Richard J. Celebration of Discipline
Keller, Timothy. The Reason for God
Lewis, C.S.  The Screwtape Letters
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Life of the Beloved
Piper, John. Desiring God
Piper, John. Don't Waste Your Life
Platt, David. Radical
Strobel, Lee. The Case for Christ
Tozer, A.W. The Knowledge of the Holy
Voskamp, Ann. One Thousand Gifts
Warren, Rick. The Purpose Driven Life
White, James Emery. A Mind for God
White, James Emery. A Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom
Willard, Dallas. The Divine Conspiracy