Thursday, October 04, 2012

Children Ministry Thoughts from Orange

Reggie Joiner
Great thoughts here from the peeps at Orange (ReThink Group) on ministering to children each week. I got these while preparing to lead our children on Sunday from the 2-5-2 Groups (Oct '12):


One consistent leader for the same 8-10 children all year
• We suggest you start and end
in small group so kids connect relationally with one leader and other similar-aged peers.
• If you have multiple small groups meeting in one room, try using circle area rugs to give each group their own spot.
• Offer as many of the activities as your time, space, and resources allow. 
A couple of thoughts from this clip in the margin of one of Orange's handouts:

They suggest that you provide consistent leaders throughout the year. This makes sense because relationship is the currency of disciple-making.

Logistically they believe face-to-face interaction around a focal point overcomes not having lots of individual classrooms. This is great news for church plants!

Flexibility and overplanning increase your chances for success. 

Way to go Orange Team! http://www.rethinkgroup.org/

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