Friday, October 26, 2012

Courage Defined

When you think of courage, you might think of the first responders at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Or you might think of Batman...

My definition of Courage:

Courage is doing the right thing, motivated by love, even when you are afraid.

I added the "motivated by love" part from reading 1 Thessalonians 2:2-11. There Paul is overcoming great temptation to be afraid. After all, his life has been in danger since his first missionary journey and this is his second. He'd been stoned and left for dead simply for preaching the Gospel in a particular town. And yet he kept moving forward with the belief that the message he carried was one of love and hope. 

What motivates a person to that kind of courage? God's compassionate love for people. 

What motivates you to do great, courageous things? Money? Fame? At the end of the day, no motivation is more powerful than love. Is it in you?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Thots on GCF in 2013

I thought I'd share with you all what I shared with my church this week on next year. There's more than this and it's really unrefined. Some of these things will not happen and others will that aren't here. But this is a snap shot of some of what I'm working on right now. DG

2013...What's Coming?

There are a lot of things on my mind as I think ahead about 2013. We're just over 40 70 days away from the new year! Here are things I'm praying about and working on: (in no particular order)

- Disciple-making Equipping plan that involves everyone (David Platt & Francis Chan partner in launching "Multiply Movement": Jan 2013); Multiply Gatherings begin in early November. We encourage you to consider hosting one of these webcast groups for one night.

- Expanding our Children's Ministry (more time discipling our kids while at GCF, more visually stimulating environments at GCF, and more helps for parents to use during the week

- Adding "Missional Communities" that will strategically link Home Groups to reach out together. (Learn more here and here)

- Empowering more of our people to serve and lead out of their strengths and passions by adding a system that makes getting involved at multiple levels easier

- Going through the Elder selection process 

- Adding Student LIfe youth summer camp to our offerings next summer

- Adding interns strategically to help with children & preschoolers

- Strengthening our Sunday morning environment visually and acoustically

- Identifying at least 2 on-going community outreach ministries we can pour into in 2013

Join me in praying for God's leadership as we figure out how these fit in our 6 Initiatives, what should be done and when. I'm praying for lots of traction in 2013. We have great momentum. We're seeing God doing a great work in and through us! Let's continue to "seek", "ask" and "knock". 
Until He Comes,

PS I didn't include this one in the other places as I just thought of it. One project I hope to see finished in 2013 is our "Didache" project that will be a modern day primer or following Christ in community. I envision it being a simple manual that can freely be passed on to help people all over who are leading disciples to follow Jesus and are looking for simple, free tools to do so. This will be an ebook that will eventually be available in print for cost.