Monday, May 21, 2012

In this Power Up! Gridiron Edition: Book Review

"In this Power Up! Gridiron Edition, you'll find the opportunity to tie what you know about football with what you should also know about some of the most important matters of life." (back cover)

The subtitle, Devotional Thoughts for Football Fans, nicely sums up what this book is all about.

This book of bite-sized trivia and truth invites the passionate football fan to sink their teeth into morsels of truth that are sure to satisfy.

There are 100 daily entries that include a "Scrimmage line" of summary, verse of Scripture from the Bible, "Fast fact" about football, and all-time player rankings by position. The "Point After" follows the heart of the daily reading with practical application for the Christ-follower.

A great gift for any football fan, it's easy to read without dumbing down the message. I found it fun to learn which athletes contributed and how they expressed their Christian faith. This changed how I watched the game I love.

I think it would have been helpful to add some passages for further reading on that day's topic for the reader who is eager for more. I found myself reading multiple days at a time when I could have been reading deeper on that days topic. 

Also, would have loved to see links or references to the foundations and ministries of players who have one as a way to encourage the reader to invest actively in making a difference. Perhaps this would be a great way to leverage ebooks providing hyperlinks along the way.

I recommend this for the football fans in your life who may need some gentle prodding in the area of spiritual thinking. It's also an encouraging read for the Christian who struggles reading in general. A gift to football fans and Christ-followers everywhere.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher with the understanding that I would read it and write a thoughtful and honest review of it.