Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Listening?

We hunger and thirst daily. 

And not just for food and drink. We hunger for affection, approval, control, and comfort. We thirst for unconditional love, adventure and power. God knows how to truly satisfy us. He is the source of true and complete satisfaction.

And that's the point. He's the source. That's why his application is so rich: "Listen to me."

How do you listen? You get away, get quiet and get with his word. You listen to him speak to you through his word with a heart bent and ready to obey swiftly and completely by faith.

Are you making time to listen to God? Do you realize that you have a "Listening Matrix" (J. E. White, A Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom, p. 65) through which God speaks (whether you listen or not)? Are you cultivating a heart that leans into God and is eager to hear from him?