Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I Tweet (& y u should 2)

Some people don't get Twitter

And I'll admit it, at first I didn't either. I mean, how helpful can something be if it limits what you can do?! But this, it turns out, is the beauty of Twitter. 

It's simple and easy to use. You have to find other software to make Twitter do more than it does itself. And it's in that simplicity that I find extraordinarily beautiful. 

So why do I use it. Basically for 2 reasons:

1. To learn. I like to hear what people are saying and learn from them. Videos, quotes, blog posts, breaking news, humor, sports talk...it's all there. And you get a sense of what news is striking a nerve by how many people are tweeting about it.

2. To influence. I like to influence other people with the ideas and thoughts that I think are important. I'm wired that way. Whether it's about Apple's latest device, Kony or Jesus, I like to influence other people's lives--for good.

So why not use Facebook instead? Good question. I use both and for different reasons:

Facebook is good for influencing people I know or have known (even if just as an acquaintance). I like the conversation potential. Twitter has this but it's not as deep. Facebook has a more personal feel because I'm only connected to people that I have some personal contact with. The downside is that I'm more limited numbers-wise if I stay with that approach. I currently have 1,039 "friends" on Facebook. I just congratulated Brian on making sailor. But the growth on this is slower. My family also prefers FB which also keeps FB relevant to me.

Twitter is more content, brand and personality driven. Here I can follow whomever I want. But I'm also wanting followers so I must tweet valuable information so people will want to follow me. I find this fun and challenging. I also like the upside potential. I just picked up follower #1,501 tonight. I've been tweeting more content lately (which often goes to my Facebook page via Buffer or Hootsuite) and that has led to many more followers. 

So what? Why post this? 

I think you should consider finding your voice on the web. Whether it's Google+, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest--find your voice. Just remember, if you're going to speak, say something worth hearing. Otherwise, you're just adding to the noise.