Thursday, March 15, 2012

Controversial Statement in Church-World

"Neil Cole says of Church Multiplication Associates, "'We want to lower the bar of how church is done and raise the bar of what it means to be a disciple.' Their rationale was that if the experience of church was simple enough that just about anyone can do it, and is made up of people who have taken up their cross and follow Jesus at any cost, the result will be to do the uncommon works of God. 'Churches will become healthy, fertile and reproductive.' If this is right, then many of our current practices seem to be the wrong way around...we seem to make church complex and discipleship too easy."

-Alan Hirsch (p. 104 of The Forgotten Ways)

I'm still processing this idea but it's ringing true for the typical church setting. Mega-churches and Excellence-Driven churches seem to raise the bar on how church is done. I'm not convinced that this is the best, even though it's very effective in connecting de-churched and un-churched people initially. As with any church, the real question is, "Are you making disciples who are making disciples?"

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