Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Silence The Voice

Our church began reading through the entire Bible as part of the Radical Experiment this year. It has been amazing to me how many are still reading.

In addition, we wanted to do a better job of making disciple-makers. This has become our #1 priority as seen on our '6 Initiatives' we rolled out last year. So we introduced S.O.A.P.

Actually, I was teaching people how to 'soap' all last year. It's a terrific way to read through the Bible in a year and still study deeply without it taking hours a day. Thanks to Wayne Cordeiro for sharing how to 'soap' in his book Divine Mentor.

So I'm responding to those who may be trying to 'soap' but are a little frustrated.

First, 'soap' is just one way to interact with the Bible. There are lots of other ways. So remember it's a tool. Let it serve you--not you it.

Second, the point isn't to read the entire Bible in a year. That's a great goal, but the point is to read God's word so that you hear His 'voice'. God is 'The Voice' of voices.

It's hard to follow God's lead, if you aren't even listening to what He's saying to you. 

Third, it's a marathon-not a sprint. We're trying to develop a great, healthy habit here. So when you miss a day (or a week) you get back up and make another run. When we give up, we greatly reduce one of God's favorite ways to speak to us. Don't silence God's voice in your lifetye !

PS If you're struggling with this, here's a tip. I think the best way to assure success here is to meet with someone else (at least 1 other person) weekly to discuss what you're hearing (or not) from God. There's no substitute for this.