Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Embrace Christ-mess

Christmas is a big deal! Why? Because it's the beginning of God's earthly story of putting on flesh and rescuing us. No Good Friday--No Easter. No Easter--No Christmas. Simple as that. So how should that affect my Christmas season? It should make it messy.

Remember the first Christmas was a mess for Jesus. He didn't come in a squeaky clean palace nursery. Instead, he came in a dirty, smelly horse stable with no hospital staff--just Joseph. Far away from home, too. No family or friends to add support (that we know of). Oh, and by the way, now with a social sigma that basically makes you an outcast in your own home. Remember, Mary was claiming to be a virgin even though she was pregnant. Riiiiiight. No hanky-panky. Wink Wink. She made people talk like Lady Gaga had just worn her unrefrigerated beef outfit--again! Now that's messy!

Life is messy. Especially if you're living for Christ. Just try talking about Jesus at your next CHRISTmas party. Yeah, say the J-word out loud and the party-like atmosphere will go silent quicker than Cracker Barrell after you say "pregnant" a little too loudly. Want to keep things nice and neat? Talk about anyone else but Jesus.

Does that make disciples? Does that grow the kingdom? No. In fact, we shrink as we try to ride the fence. How ironic it is that we do this during the Christmas season. 

Here's what I'm doing about it. I'm praying for boldness. I'm asking people to pray for me to be bold. I'm asking my Home Group to ask me who I've talked to about Christ the past week. I'm going public about my lack of boldness and stepping out in faith to do something about it. Will it be messy? Yep. But if messy food is some of the best tasting food, just imagine what a messy life will taste life. Dig in and Embrace Christ-mess.