Thursday, November 17, 2011

Compassion that Works

As I wrote earlier, I'm leading our church family to take the radical experiment. I've also started already myself. In fact, I've been doing some of these for quite a while now. So I know the potential they have for personal impact. I'm who I am today because I practice many of these as a Christ-follower. It's why I encourage you to do so as well...

Last week I spoke about the importance of praying for the "Harvest." (Matt 9:35-38) A compassion that works does more than jump in impulsively. It leverages our greatest source of power (God, the Lord of the Harvest) to show the greatest compassion possible.

Jesus looked over the crowds and had compassion on them. But what he didn't do is just roll up his sleeves and dive in. Nor did he send his disciples in. He told them to ask the Father to send workers into the great harvest. That's maximum compassion!

What's interesting is that Jesus didn't stop there. In the very next verse (Matt 10:1) Jesus sends the disciples out in twos to as the answer to that prayer. Not to the exact same people but to people in many towns throughout the region. 

We must move past impulsive serving to remove our guilt and past paralyzing apathy to thoughtful and prayerful compassion that truly makes a lasting difference (physically and spiritually).