Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From Followers to Leaders (book review)

From Followers to Leaders by Robert Logan and Tara Miller is a thorough treatment of basic Christian discipleship wrapped in leadership terms. It is written to help churches get future leaders into their leadership pipeline to move their churches forward.

The subtitle: The Path of Leadership Development in the Local Church is literally what they deliver. The authors do a good job of communicating (through a hiking trip) how to move people from on the sidelines to leading in the game.

The stages begin in the "parking lot" where people can just hear about what you're inviting them to. They can collect information without making a commitment. But it's a very important stop. And it's where many hear enough and take the next step...

...which is to the "trailhead." This is where the trail guide tells the hikers what to expect. He gives them a realistic view of what's coming. He encourages them by reminding them that they won't be alone.

The next stage of the hike is at the "beginning of the trail." They are eager and enthusiastic but it's still very early. Soon thereafter "along the trail" reality starts to set in. All along the authors are making parallels to how we in the church bring along potential and future leaders in reasonable, attainable and simple steps.

"Campfires" happen along the way where people are able to share stories that encourage and instruct. Leaders as well as followers learn a lot during these debriefing sessions. Again, the authors are showing how to practically accomplish this in the local church.

Finally you're at the "end of the trail" where everyone celebrates!

While at times I found this book to be a bit wordy, the authors do illustrate their points with real-life stories and helpful graphics. At the end of the day, if you're looking for a good process to help you get leaders into your leadership pipeline, pick this book up and get started!