Monday, June 27, 2011

Next Christians article in USA Today

This is a follow up to my book review of The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons. Great article in USA Today!

From Gabe Lyons via Email:


This morning's USA Today features a story describing us--Christians who want to work for cultural reforms and the common good. It captured that our motivation is in the power of Jesus and his work on the cross, not our own strength.

In many ways, this article could be a watershed moment in the way journalist and everyday Americans start understanding what a new generation of Christians are all about. The world is finding your faith compelling--its cause to celebrate!




"Lyons [you have] helped lead the effort to rethink how to bring the faith forward in what sociologists and commentators will tell you is an increasingly post-Christian culture. It is not a power play, Lyons stresses, but the activation of a network of 'restorers who will work with anyone to see goodness go forward in the world and evil pressed back.' These 'next Christians,' as Lyons calls them in the title of his 2010 book, 'are socially conscious, grounded in their gospel commitment, and optimistic that when their faith is practiced according to the ways of Jesus, it is complementary to cultural reforms that value all human beings, all human flourishing, and all spiritual traditions.'

Christians ready to go shoulder to shoulder with anyone to advance the greater good? Not exactly the form of religion we've been arguing about these past few decades.

Let's see who's ready to work with them. There's a lot to be done."