Friday, May 27, 2011

Become a 'Next Christian'

The NEXT Christians, by Gabe Lyons, does more than observe Christianity in our current culture: It encourages us to act with great expectation.

After writing a book (UnChristian) where statistics seem to drive a stake in the heart of the church in America, Lyons comes back with a startling (at first) assessment: That is  that the bad news is actually good news.

He then outlines how the world is changing. He summarizes our current cultural climate as it relates to the church and Christianity in America.

He next major section takes 6 chapters to outline what "Next Christians" look like. They are provoked, but not offended.

They are creators, not critics.
They are called, not employed.
They are grounded, not distracted.
They are in community, not alone.
They are countercultural, not 'relevant'.

With these descriptions it's difficult to be a Christian and not be extremely motivated by this picture of what could and should be. It's a glorious vision for this Christ-follower.

It's a timely book written by the generation that is best positioned to make it happen. I applaud Lyons and highly recommend his book. Become a Next Christian.

Note of disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for purposes of reading and reviewing.