Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Would They Miss You?

If our church disbanded, would the community miss us? Sadly, many churches today would not be missed by anyone outside of their own people. God leaves us here for more than that. He left us to make a difference in our community.

The same is true of us individually. If you moved out of town, would your neighbors miss you? Would they even remember your name?

My challenge for you is to make a difference in your neighborhood, school or place of work this year. A real difference.

But it won't just happen, will it. You must resolve to do it. So what will you resolve to do this year that will make a difference?

Suggestion: Resolve to act by resolving to prepare.

You don't have to know exactly what you will do this year to be effective. After all, we're supposed to be listening to God's lead. All we really need to do is to pay attention and when he directs go quickly and completely.

But how do we insure we do that? We prepare.

Suggested steps:

1. Prayer. Intentionally pray each day for the people God wants you to love this year. Start with people you live near, work with or go to school with.

2. Care. If you are faithful to pray and then pay attention, you'll start noticing opportunities to serve the people you're praying for. Respond quickly and completely to each opportunity.

3. Share. Be ready to share your hope in Christ. As God works in the lives of those around you this year, there will be a few times when people come to you. They may not even know why. But because you've been praying for them (whether they know it or not) and serving them, they will be very open to you sharing with them. Be ready and be watching.

Prayer. Care. Share.* Sounds like a great strategy for shining the light of Jesus Christ in our community this year. Do this as a family or with a friend. Will you refuse to maintain the status quo and act?

Running to win,

* Prayer. Care. Share. comes from the Lighthouse Movement is a part of the Mission America strategy. LighthouseMovement.com