Saturday, October 09, 2010

Radical is more than the diagnosis--It's the prescription.

David Platt talks straight with the American Christian. And he does it with grace and truth. But it's not for the squeamish.

With scripture, personal stories and stories from others who are taking the words of Jesus seriously, Platt not only diagnoses the disease of the American Dream--He offers a prescription.

To the half-way alert Christian, Platt really doesn't offer a lot new. Many have heard this before. It's been preached already. But he lays it out in such a...convicting way...that you can't escape his conclusions. He exposes a huge symptom of the American Dream: spiritual blindness. What you're left with is you and your American Dream--face to face wondering who will flinch first.

This is a dangerous book to read. It truly could change your life in a dangerous way. Talking about faith as a living and dying dynamic does that. Platt does that.

Probably what I like most about this book is that he doesn't try to load on the guilt. (The Holy Spirit does that just fine, thank you) In fact, after his diagnosis, he gives you a plan. A prescription. A way to respond that is solid, challenging and hope-filled.

Thanks David for saying what needed to be said to us American Christians and for doing it with grace and truth. May we change and become more like the Christ we say we follow.