Monday, August 16, 2010

College for Kelsi

Well, it's almost here. We leave to take Kelsi to Liberty University this week. Our first born headed to the excitement that is the American college campus.

I couldn't wait to go. I remember the thoughts: Freedom! Girls! Allyoucaneatbuffet3X/day! Football games!...you remember...

Well, I'm not having those exact same thoughts for our Kelsi.  No, not by a long shot. Instead, I'm thinking things like...boys (99% scum), freedom (overrated!), allyoucaneatbuffet3x/day (can't be THAT good for you...do they have a gym?), football games (shouldn't you be studying?)...yeah, how things have changed.

So what will keep me sane these next 3 years (no pressure but that's the plan)? God promises us that he will be with us. He promises Kelsi that too. And even though I won't be there to keep her safe (or to maintain the illusion that I really could), God will be.

The other thing that encourages me is Moses. His mother only had him for a few years. Then he was off to the Egyptian palace where he got the best education in the world (except that it was void of the one true God). And yet he never lost sight of who he was. And God used him mightily. I'm grateful for a wife who made it her joy, priority, and privilege to raise Kelsi at home full-time. The results speak for themselves. (Thanks Babe, you're the greatest!)

So off she goes soon. To become all that God has created her to be. I am looking forward to watching her mature out from under my wings. In the meantime I'll just keep praying that God will remind me that He is with her...and there's no better place to be than in His presence.