Monday, March 15, 2010

Be the Hole

Phototropism is when a plant grows toward the light. So if, for example, a plant is put under a box with a hole in it that allows sunlight through, over time, the plant will grow towards the hole the light is shining through.

We can apply this to our daily walk as well. If we see our world as dark (spiritually) and people apart from God as light-deficient, then if I "let my light shine" wherever I go, other people (like the plant in the box) will be drawn to the light I'm shining. We're like the hole, God is the light and the rest of the darkness is like the world we all live in. 

Because we start out separated from God, there are people all around us each day who walk in darkness. That means they are walking in the dark. But when they see Christ-followers being patient with difficult people, quick to forgive, and serving the poor, they see God's light and are drawn to it.

So the question is, "Are you being the hole God's light wants to shine through?"