Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Would Jesus watch the Super Bowl?

When I asked my daughters this question, one quickly answered, "Yes! And he'd pull for the Saints!"

As someone without cable, dish or power, (okay, we have power) when talk of the Big Game* happens around this time of year, I'm always listening closely to see who's having a Big Bowl party and how big their plasma is. Then I just show up and check out the snack bar...

Anyway, back to Jesus and the Sup...errHuge Bowl. Would Jesus watch the Super Game? When the guys who will watch the game are talking about this, they typically say one of two things:

1. I am having a party or going to a party to watch the game. Should be fun! Or, 

2. I want to stay home and watch it by myself so that I can really watch the game. It's just too crazy to watch the game at a Supe...whoops, party. (I'll admit, that when I'm completely honest, this is my preference unless the Lions are playing the Browns. Oh wait, they've never been to the Sooper Bowl...)

Now I am convinced that unless providentially hindered** Jesus would watch the game with other people. I say this to help myself justify watching the game. No, not really. I say this because we find Jesus was criticized for going to parties with all kinds of people of ill repute. 

Notice he wasn't hosting the parties. Nor was he home partying with his disciples (Can you say, "Holy Huddle?"). No, Jesus was at the party for how he could impact and bless others. 

And we should be too.

So as you consider where you'll watch the Super Game, I hope you'll keep that perspective in mind. And then invite your friends (not just your Christian friends either) over for a Super-sized Bowl game party.

Oh yeah, I like those lime chip thingys... 

* Officially we can't use the term "Super Bowl" without express written permission from NFL (No Fun League?)

** Required to meet minimum big word requirement for seminary graduates blogging on matters of great import.