Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Does God recognize your voice when...

This just off my twitter.com feed:

@lnobles Sign I should call home more often. When I called Mom this AM to wish her Happy Bday she asked who was calling. Um, your favorite daughter.

Made me ask the question, "Does God ask who's calling when I call on Him?" Just saying...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Big Story

I love this visual, post-modern way to share the story of God. It's simple but comprehensive. It doesn't give you all the answers. But it gives you more than you might think just listening to it once. Check out his great book True Story through IVP. Great read!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"God is at work!" -Jimmy Reeves

If you're not aware, Jimmy Reeves is one of our pastor/elders at Grace. Okay, he is the founding pastor/elder of Grace. It's always good to be reminded that even when it isn't obvious that God is at work around us, that He still is at work. Darien

Dear Grace Family:
            Last Sunday, just as the service was beginning, a cab pulled up in front of the Senior Center and a young (I should say “very young”) sailor in the Navy got out.  His name is JJ Anderson, and I bet he only has to shave once a week, if that much.  He graduated from high school in June, joined the Navy, went to boot camp, and has been at the Naval Weapons Station for the last four weeks.  He is scheduled to be stationed here for the next two years studying nuclear engineering, so he can help run a nuclear power plant on board one of our country’s nuclear powered ships.  He cannot leave the base during the week, and his days usually go from 5 in the morning until 10 at night.  He is one of seven children, is from outside of San Francisco,California, and has only been outside of his state twice – once to Nevada and another time toArizona.  He said he didn’t understand the concept of humidity until he came here!  He found out about Grace on the internet and thought it sounded like his home church.
            I was so impressed with his courage in hiring a cab to bring him all the way from the Weapons Station (that couldn’t have been cheap) to go to a church where he knew no one. However, you could tell he knows the Lord, not just with an intellectual knowledge, but like you know a friend.  He knows the Lord well enough to want to be with other brothers and sisters in Christ, and to want to worship Him when he could have been justifiably catching up on some sleep, or doing something other than studying math and science. He knows Him well enough that even when placed on the other side of the country in unfamiliar surroundings, he heard and obeyed that familiar call from God to be with Him and His other children.
My family had the privilege of eating lunch with him and taking him back to his base.  I told him he could call our church anytime, and we would come get him.  He asked if he could call me Friday or Saturday, so I am hoping and praying he will come back.  Even if he decides to find a church closer to his base, I was so clearly reminded that God is at work.  He cares for us all and knows all about us.  It does not matter where we are from or what stage of life we are in -- we all are loved and intimately known and valued by God, the very creator of the universe.
I believe God brought JJ to Grace last Sunday.  I hope he received a blessing and maybe felt just a little like he was back in his home church.  But regardless of whether we see or hear from JJ Anderson ever again, God used the courage of a young sailor to remind me again of His presence and that He is still at work!  Isn’t it good to be a child of God!!   
Your brother in Christ
James E. Reeves, PA, 400 North Cedar Street, Summerville, SC 29483
Phone (843) 832-7337