Saturday, October 24, 2009

Would you worship in a bar? Coffee shop? Cafe? Nursing home?

I really like this post as it relates to church venues. I don't think it's for everybody but I think it's for more than are doing it. I'm thinking there are a lot of people who'd attend a worship service in a cafe or coffee shop that wouldn't go to a church building. Public places feel more, well, public. I think the early church did some of that along with the house church gatherings.

Would you worship in any of these places?

I don't think the church makes enough use of great venues. This photo is from Joe Thorn's theology pub. It's a second story room in an Irish pub. And that's Joe drinking water by the way. =)
Just a thought here.
What if the church didn't multiply by way of big boxes and satellite-fed LED screens. But rather through reasonably-sized congregations led by capable men and women in interesting places.