Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Weekend Away with your Sweetheart?

Been thinking about a marriage conference? Let me recommend a Weekend To Remember by the folks at FamilyLife.com.

We had a blast last year when Anita and I celebrated our 21st anniversary. And we want to go back this year with at least 5 more couples. If we do this, everyone gets like $80 off per couple. So it costs about $80/couple for the conference. Your hotel room for 2 nights in beautiful downtown Charleston, SC is extra, but not bad-especially for the Marriott ($105/night).

It's your marriage. How do you expect it to be all it could be if you don't ever work on it. You live in it 24/7. When was the last time you both worked ON it? This is too precious a relationship to take for granted. Don't wait for problems. Invest a weekend in your husband/wife. They are worth it!

So let me hear from you. Are you doing it as a surprise trip for your husband or wife? Just want to get out of town without the kids? Give us a call. Drop an email. Or just sign-up. The details are all right here.