Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Peanuts to Pressbox by Eli Gold Book Review

I love football! And a good game on TV becomes a great game when you get the best announcers. I got to learn about one of the greats in Eli Gold's From Peanuts to Pressbox.

This autobiography is like a fairy tale come true. Throughout the book, Eli is gushing over what great opportunities he's gotten and how he's tried not to  take it for granted. After the tales of his childhood days listening to his transistor radio under the covers every night, he shares tales of his announcing adventures through minor and major league baseball, minor league and NHL hockey, college and NFL football, as well as truck racing and NASCAR.

You also get some great stories about sports heroes and celebraties who've crossed Eli's path like Kenny Stabler, Bobby Allison, and Lou Saban. Lots of stories you haven't heard as they come first-hand. This is a real sports fan's find!

I think the book would have been stronger, if Eli had weaved in some life lessons. I think he attempted this at times when he would express his gratitude for his opportunities. But he showed very little depth beyond that. Maybe that's not a fair critique but if, for example, you have faith, it should show up in your autobiography. None of that here.

I expected more about faith and life in this book from a publisher like Thomas Nelson. It's not enough to be a nice guy. There should be depth of character and conviction that challenges someone who takes the time to read this book. Just because it's about sports doesn't mean it can't have great value for faith and life.

I enjoyed the book and recommend it to avid sports fans. Otherwise, it's a little long in parts and, like I wrote above, lacking in the faith and life department.