Friday, October 30, 2009

Does reading the Bible 4x/week really make a difference?

Here's a quote from a fantastic article I hope you'll read in full. I'm going to preach on this someday soon:

My beef with self-esteem is how it’s invaded America’s churches.  In a well-intentioned effort to encourage and motivate people, we’ve created a “theology-lite” where we rarely refer to scripture, never discuss the hard truths of the Bible, and avoid words like “sin” because they might turn-off visitors.  
The famous REVEAL study from Willow Creek is a powerful confirmation that programs don’t create disciples.  In fact, The Center for Bible Engagement in Lincoln, Nebraska has just completed a landmark research study that reveals regular church attendance has little to no effect at all on behaviors like marital infidelity, drug dependency, financial crisis, emotional sickness, or other undesirable behaviors.  They discovered the real “tipping point” of spiritual maturity happens when we encounter the Bible at least four times a week.  
Reading the Bible four or more times a week.  Who would have thought?

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