Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"...Around the world."

Our (GCF)Mission: To lead people to love God and to love people in Jesus' name around the corner and around the world.

"Around the world" is how we describe someone who lives, well, around the world. They speak different languages than we do. They eat funny foods. They take baths less often and many live on less than $2/day. They travel on a donkey instead of in a Toyota. Many do not have clean drinking water. 143 million of them are orphans. Millions of others are slaves. 

Most of them live in countries that end in "-stan" or "-esia". Some of them are in the US on a student VISA but will be going back. Some study at CSU...

They are the people of our world that Jesus is trying to wake us up to. Many don't have the Bible in their own language yet. They don't have a local church in their city. Anywhere. Many don't know who Jesus is.

I personally feel like God is calling us beyond Curacao (not instead of) to the unreached peoples of our world. Those who don't have a clue who God really is--much less Jesus. I believe he wants us to send people there. I believe he wants us to go too. Can you say "Kazakhstan?"

It's our mission. That makes it your mission.

This week pray that God will help us all break through our callousness toward people's of other cultures. Maybe pray that this week God will connect you with an international student or a migrant worker to make it more personal. Careful. God will answer that prayer in a heartbeat!

Love God. Love People...internationally,