Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day

From GCF Newsletter 9/13/09. Subscribe to email at info@gracetoday.net

I can still remember Grandma Johnson at the table whenever we'd pray before eating. No matter who was praying, she prayed too. Not too loud, but loud enough that everyone at the table knew it. Kind of a wispy, under-your-breath prayer.

I remember thinking a couple of things whenever that would happen. First, how it annoyed me that she wasn't listening to the person praying. And second, that she seemed to cover a lot more territory than we did. I'll admit, I was more than a little curious as to what she was praying.

Today I wonder if she just got tired of our shallow, rote prayers. Prayers without much faith. She lived by faith. She had little to no income at all. She had no home to call her own. You could put everything she owned in a suitcase and hangup bag. She lived with one of her 4 daughters at any given time, unless she was visiting her sisters.

Today, I am inspired by her legacy. Mostly by how she lived in my presence. I believe that she incarnated (fleshed-out) the Gospel when she stayed with us. She displayed God's love as a humble grandmother to my brother and me. So today I thank God for grandparents and the power of presence they can bring to the lives of their grandchildren. They are the grace of God to us.

Happy Grandparents Day,