Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"...Around the corner..."

Our (GCF) Mission: To lead people to love God and to love people in Jesus' name around the corner and around the world.

"Around the corner" is how we describe someone who lives close by. They are our neighbors. Those we carpool with and see in the grocery store. Our kids play on the same YMCA teams and dance in the same studios.

We cross paths at the Flowertown festival and at Pizza Inn. We work together, go to school together and have cookouts together. We are strangers and dear friends.

They are the people of our community that Jesus has placed in our path. Part of our mission is to love them as Jesus would if he were in your shoes.

It's our mission. That makes it your mission.

This week pray that God will help you see each person who crosses your path as someone he wants you to love. Then be the answer to your own prayer and love them in a practical way.

Love God. Love People...in practical ways,