Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Curacao '09 is here!

Hey Everybody,

Just a quick note to ask for your precious prayers for us as we attempt to display God's love in tangible ways the next 3 weeks.

July 3-11 we'll send 15 people back to Curacao. My goal was to take a group every 3 years. After taking 16 last year they wanted to go back this year. So I said, sounds good. Who's leading it? 2 stepped up and the rest is history. They have planned it almost by themselves. I'll be here in Summerville while they go. Mixed feelings abound but it's the right thing...

Among them is Curacao veteran Nancy Wright ('05 trip) and my Kelsi ('08 trip) who's paid her own way for the 2nd consecutive year (no, I'm not proud). For the first time we'll be partnering with North Shelby Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL sharing people and projects. They've been going longer than I have.

If you've been before, then you'll certainly remember Emma and Cesar. Emma's dad died this past week at 91. The funeral is Wed, Jul 1st.

It will be an emotional week for Emma. This is their 10th anniversary in the Fuik neighborhood doing VBS. So they're pulling all the stops.

July 11-20 we'll host 7 Curacao youth and adults who'll join us for a week of missions back here in Charleston. We'll do a retreat (Micah Hasty is speaking and leading worship) and then over 9 different projects (several of which repeat) all over the SC low country. For those that remember Mission: Possible 2K3 back in Wilson in 2003, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's a lot of work and there are a lot of details that have to come together still.

Add to that I have 2 teens driving, 1 close to college (can you say scholarship or bust), a 7th grader in public school, and Emma Sue who'll be double digits in Aug....well, you have quite an adventure going on down here in S'ville.

So as God brings us to mind, lift us up. It's just busy stuff unless He's making it happen.

May God love their (and our) socks off as we live to love God and love people around the corner and around the world!