Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Forget the Preacher

Some of you will remember a former youth of mine (once a youth of mine, always a youth of mine) Claire Smith. Well, my first wedding ceremony was marrying her and David Brown in Rocky Mount, NC.

Saturday they were blessed with their first child, Katelyn Elizabeth Brown. I found myself proud as a granddaddy and so happy for this couple I got to help along the way.

I share this to share how grateful I am to David and Claire. They live in NC and I'm in SC and our paths rarely cross. We don't email back and forth or anything like that. Our lives are full of friends and family closer to where we live. That's normal life.

But what I really appreciate is how they've keep me in the loop on the important things in life. To get an email (a personal email, not mass) from them is surprising. But it's been their pattern.

One of things I think about before and after weddings I do is, "Will this one last? Did I do all I could do to prepare them? Will they pursue Christ?" If a marriage I perform fails, I will likely feel partly responsible. In other words, I don't take it lightly. I doubt many pastors do.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised--but I really am. And very grateful that they didn't forget the preacher.