Thursday, May 07, 2009

Drive Conference takeaway

I just got back from hanging with Andy Stanley and his church staff for 3 days (along with 2 friends and a few thousand other strangers) to try and learn from them how to better do church. I went mostly thinking I needed help with nuts and bolts type things as they relate to administrating a growing church. (Administration is not my strength, to be sure)

I wasn't disappointed. 

I just learn a lot anytime I sit and listen to Andy talk. 

The first night his talk was on leading in uncertain times--extremely relevant. His takeaway was simply this: To lead well in uncertain times you must lead with clarity and flexibility: clarity of vision and flexibility in your plans. 

In the times when things seem the most certain, we have our greatest opportunity to show God is most relevant. Think about the cross. That was clearly an uncertain time. Even with the resurrection, things were chaotic. But once the disciples got their clear vision/mission, they were motivated and mobilized.

Flexibility gives us permission to separate a failed attempt from the vision itself. Just because something doesn't work doesn't mean the vision is wrong. It just means we need to change how we carry out the vision. And during uncertain times, change is most easily attained. (This could be a blessing or a curse depending on the integrity and competency of your leader, of course. George W. Bush and Barak Obama are both case and point)

Couple of quotes to leave you with:

"Repeat after me, 'I will always be uncertain. I'm certain of it." -Andy Stanley to room full of church leaders at Drive09

"In times of uncertainty, people want clarity." -AS

"Clarity around vision clears the fog of uncertainty." -AS