Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Accountability Group Questions

Accountability groups can be a great way to grow spiritually. But sometimes they can become just gripe sessions or friendly chats with no real catalysts for change being incorporated. 

Accountability ought to include truth, grace and a safe environment in which to freely share what's going on in your life. The aim is to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Remember the key ingredients for that:

* Word of God
* Spirit of God
* People of God

Learning to trust and obey God so fully that you are bearing His fruit in your life will be your satisfying outcome. To stay on track in your group time, here are some suggested questions:

At least once a month ask each other some or all of these seven questions:

1. Devotions: Have you been spending time praying and reading Scripture each
2. Worship: Have you been taking your family to church each week?
3. Vocation: Have you been consistently putting in an honest week of work
for your employer and for God?
4. Stewardship: Have you been staying above reproach in all your financial
5. Fidelity: Have you found yourself with a woman in the past weeks in such
a way that would be inappropriate or could be viewed by others as a
demonstration of poor judgment on your part?
6. Purity: Have you exposed yourself to any illicit material over the past
7. Priorities: Have you been spending sufficient time with your family each